Experimental video about trying to combine the timelapse and stop-motion. And also without any story telling, just want to focus on the visual sense expression. And in form, I am getting rid of the colors and some detail, just focus on the shapes and movements. Also the assignment for the class New Video Form, before the Schizophrenic (music video / experimental video). Music: Quatuor pour … Continue reading KEEP BREATHing

Schizophrenic (music video / experimental video)

For one of my favorite songs: Schizophrenic by Kwoon This video is shoot and made by myself for the final assignment of New Form in Video. It’s a experimental video combines with time lapse and stop motion, hand-drawing and video footage. Continue reading Schizophrenic (music video / experimental video)

Rostropovich (interactive video)

Music played by Rostropovich Video clips shoot and edit by Zyia Software I used: Max6, AfterEffectCS4, FinalCutPro6. The pitch of the music, the speed and the frames of video array is interactive with the position of the mouse. the video effects is related to keyboard. This work originally based on my interest in the relationship between music and visual effects,but in an UNPREDICTABLE and RANDOM … Continue reading Rostropovich (interactive video)