About Zyia



SVA MFACA 30th Anniversary exhibition and celebration 2016 Installation ‘Next Nature’

“TECHTONIC SHIFT” 2015 Installation ‘The City in My Memory’

“CODE conscious” 2014 video installation ‘Infinite Spinning Moment of 3 Seconds’

“TRACE” SVA Juried Student Exhibition 2013 video ‘KEEP BREATHING’ and ‘GO SLOWLY AND GRACEFULLY’

“CROSSING PLATFORMS”, SVA MFA Computer Art Thesis Exhibition 2013 installation ‘Drifting in Light’

SVA MFA Computer Art open studios 2013 SVA MFA Computer Art open studios 2012 “RE:”, exhibition by SVA MFA Computer Arts Department 2012 video ‘KEEP BREATHING’ and ‘GO SLOWLY AND GRACEFULLY’

Electric Music Festival, Shanghai 2010 performance with sound artist Yin’Yi in ‘RECALL’

Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition 2008 video ‘MY SPORT LIFE’



Final list of Beers Contemporary Award for Emerging Art, UK 2014

SVA Alumni Scholarship Award 2013

Shanghai International Design Exhibition 2011 Book ‘STRAY BIRD AND FISH-Lost Time In Silver Jewelry’
was nominated for Best Book Design

Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum 2008 photo series ‘PHANTOM’ won the 3rd price of ‘Digital Moment’
photography competition




Occupy Wall Street (documentary and interview) 2011 Untitled 2011 The Uncanny Mission 2011 Copy, Loop, Copy, Loop, Copy, Loop… 2012 Walk! Walk! Walk! 2012 Keep Breathing 2012 Schizophrenic (experimental music video) 2012 Go Slowly and Gracefully 2012 Looseleaf Notebook 2012 Wish List 2012


Rostropovich 2012 Minimal 10 Keys 2012 Fireworks 2012 One Color Plate 2013 Psychedelic Randomness 2013 Twist 2013


CAN (album) 2012


Walking Across The Field 2010 Drifting in Light 2013 Infinite Spinning Moment of 3 Seconds 2014 The City in My Memory 2015 La Moon 2015 Next Nature 000 2016


The Super Black Hole (software generate still) 2013


Artworks with VolvoxLabs

DigitalDumbo, Interactive light Installation 2013 LLERUT, light installation 2013 LLERUT 2, light installation 2013 Woodstock Electronic Music Festival, Mystery Land / Heineken 2014 [Sound of NYC] / SONOS 2014 Light installation @ AdCouncil Award Dinner / Facebook 2014

Electronic OPUS / BT 2015 Davinci Interactive system / LinkedIn 2015 SKINs / Chelsea Gallery 2015 Define Reality / Georgia Museum of Art 2016 Microsoft Lounge / Microsoft Theatre, LA 2016 Interactive mapping system / C21 2016 deFlaktor / AUDI, Whitney Museum of Art 2016 Interactive course / NIKE 2016

Artist Association

Haley Bueschlen (video artist) 2013 Lillian F. Schwartz (new media artist) 2013

stereoscopy video [RGBCMY]

Chico MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works

Robotic Church Show Season One 2013

Chrysalis & Hexagons & Forest Tottems & Inflatable Suit 2013 @PioneerWorks

Organic Arches 1 2014 Organic Arches 2 2014 Organic Arches 2 Premiere 2014 @PioneerWorks

Organic Arches 2 2014 Thing World: International Triennial of New Media Art 2014
@The National Art Museum of China

Robotic Church Show Season Two 2014 Inflatable Miniature 2014~2015 Boarder Crosser 2014~2015 Inflatable Curtain 2015 DuoPneuma 2015 Boarder Crosser 40ft @Zero|One art festival 2016 Pneumaworld @Muffathalle,Munich 2016




zyiazzy.com vimeo.com/zyiaz

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